Choosing outfits for a photography session: Dos & Don’ts

The most popular thing that clients ask me is what to wear to a photography session. Ideally you want to make an authentic impression with outfits that incorporate colour, are purposeful, stylish and well-balanced. Therefore your personality becomes the emphasis of the images rather than just your clothing.

Here are top do’s and don’ts for choosing outfits for your photography session:

Choosing outfits for a photography session: Do's & Don'ts

Embrace colour

Colours do wonder in photographs – try selecting ones that are complimentary or analogous – that means a groups of three colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.

Choose flattering colours

Dark reds, teals/turquoises, shades in the blue-green spectrum are considered the most flattering for headshots. Deeper greens, purples and blues are also good.

Avoid black

Most importantly, black is best avoided as it doesn’t photograph as well. If you must go with neutral colours then navy or charcoal is much better and are ideal for suits, trousers and skirts. Similarly, with brown and earthy tones.

What not to wear to

Bright and neon colours, patterns, prints, logos and stripes – these can appear distracting in photos

White or light grey, unless its is paired with a jacket, blazer or suit

Flesh tone colours such as cream, beige, pastels and orange as they are too close to skin tone

Low cut tops and polo neck shirts

Undergarments should be minimalist

Avoid wearing wire bras/lace as they can easily show through clothing

What outfits to wear

Select outfits that flatter your body type and you feel comfortable – it honestly shows in the photos. However, also keep in mind that it suits the kind of image you are hoping to show in your photographs.

Bring outfit options

The more outfit options the better, therefore bring along a selection with you to your session.

Iron your clothes

Ironing your clothes makes a huge difference, as digital cameras these days show a high level of detail.

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