Q&A: Karen Divorty on the love of photography & working with clients

What education or training is most relevant to your work?

I started out as an apprentice in a local studio shooting children and families. I was bitten by the bug. I took the next step as a freelance photographer in 2017 in order to pursue my passion for headshot and creative photography.

Why do you love Photography?

I have worked really hard for over the last 7 years to define my style of photography. Saying that as a photographer you never stop learning and that is perhaps the part I love most about it. I have always been a very visual person and photography ticks a lot of boxes for me.

What is your ideal image?

Honestly, images with a high level of contrast between lights and darks are images that really excite me. There is a lot of skill in balancing those two elements. In the studio I love to spilt the light, so that have the face is in shadow whilst the other is in highlight. For my personal photography I love shooting abstract images the most and trying a lot of different in-camera techinques.

What process do you go through when starting with a new client?

I speak to new clients to get a sense of the look and feel they require for their images, deciding on lighting, photography techniques or whether its a studio session or on-location shoot would be suitable.

What should customers know about your prices?

My pricing is upfront and is itemised so you can choose extra services, such as photo retouching or on-location shoots. Typically clients spend an average of £155 for a photography session resulting in three hi-res digital images.

What are some good examples of past clients?

My clients tend to be corporate, actors, DJ’s, and solos looking for professional images, including dating profiles, graduation, LinkedIn and CV.

Do you have tips or advice for someone hiring a professional photographer?

Agree to deliverables upfront, this means knowing the costs before you book your photography session. Hire a photographer who is a collaborator and cares about your vision.

What questions should clients have ready before speaking to a photographer?

If I was looking for a photographer, I would certainly ask their stance on photo retouching. The reason for this is because over retouching can make or break your photos.

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